Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment is the designated time each year for active plan participants to update or confirm their enrollment information, or change medical plans if there is a medical plan option available for their area of residence. You must re-enroll every year to verify or update your enrollment information, even if you do not have changes to make.

Completing Annual Enrollment every year ensures that you and your eligible dependents have medical coverage for the next plan year beginning on January 1 so that you can avoid any delayed or unpaid claims.

Annual Enrollment is offered during November and December. You must complete Enrollment within the set time frame in order for the Trust to have enough time to confirm your enrollment and make any changes in time for the new year.

Please note that you do not have to wait for Annual Enrollment to make changes in your enrollment information, if it changes during the year. For example, if you have a child, get married or divorced, change addresses, your spouse’s insurance changes, etc. you should make those changes as they occur as well as confirm your information during Annual Enrollment.

Trust Medical Plan
Completing Open Enrollment

To complete Annual Enrollment visit and log in or register as a participant if you haven’t previously used the site. You will be able to review your current enrollment information and make changes or confirm that your enrollment information is current. It will guide you step-by-step through the process. You may also complete the paper enrollment form that was sent to you, sign it, and mail it to the Trust. If you choose to re-enroll by paper, you must complete the form in its entirety, not just make changes or select your plan.

Choosing a Plan

If you reside in an area serviced by Kaiser Permanente (formerly Group Health), you will be offered a choice of medical plans, the regular Trust Medical Plan or the Kaiser Permanente Plan. Both plans are offered through the Trust. Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents for both plans will be mailed to you annually. After completing re-enrollment online at, you may choose to stay in your current medical plan or change plans. Even if you do not want to change plans, you still must update/verify your information. Both medical plans, offered at the same cost, are:

Trust Medical Plan – Allows you to choose in-network care at the highest level of coverage from the BlueCard® PPO network, or out-of-network care at a lower level of coverage from any licensed provider anywhere.

Kaiser Permanente Plan – Allows you choose in-network care at the highest level of coverage from Kaiser Permanente or one of its contracted providers, or out-of-network care at a lower level of coverage from First Choice Health, Beech Street, or any licensed provider anywhere.

Dependent Audits

Periodically the Trust may conduct a dependent audit to verify that all claimed dependents are still eligible for coverage. By updating your enrollment every year and adding eligible dependents and/or removing dependents that are no longer eligible, you may avoid unpaid claims.