Dental Benefits Offered by the Trust

The Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust offers dental coverage to most PPO Plan participants. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement or log in to to see if you have Dental benefits and to see the details of your plan.

Trust Medical Plan
Delta Dental

Delta Dental is a leading dental benefits provider in Washington state and is the Trust’s dental network.

If your plan includes dental benefits, and you select a dentist in the Delta Dental “Premier” network who is also a member of the Delta Dental “Trust Medical Plan” Network, you can lower out-of-pocket expenses. Approximately 70% of the Premier dentists are in the Trust Medical Plan network.

Find an in-network dentist and view dental claims using the Delta Dental website or by calling (800) 554-1907.

Log in or look to your benefits booklets for more information. Booklets are available online at