Chronic Condition Management

Manage Your Chronic Condition

Long-term management of chronic conditions can present any number of challenges. The Trust offers programs to help minimize those challenges and help you manage your condition with the support of knowledgeable, trained health professionals.

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Kaiser Permanente Plan
Program Overview

Personal Health Support from Premera Blue Cross, goes beyond other chronic condition management programs. Personal Health Support uses a “whole-person” approach to deliver a personalized and meaningful health support experience. From prevention programs to intensive health support for those with chronic and complex conditions, Personal Health Support helps participants and their families get the right level of support they need for their unique situation.

A Personal Health Support clinician will help you best manage your condition and care, connect you to resources and wellness programs available to you and your family, and help you stay motivated to live your healthiest life.

Personal Health Support services include:

  • Helping participants have access to health improvement resources and in following providers’ prescribed treatment plan,
  • Coordinating care services as needed,
  • Helping to understand your health plan’s coverage,
  • Management and assistance with a more than 30 chronic conditions, and
  • Finding useful community resources –such as in-home services or ride shares.

Premera’s Personal Health Support teams are made up of trained nurses and other certified health care specialists. Participation is voluntary and offered at no cost to you.

Participation Incentives

If you have asthma, diabetes or coronary artery disease, and complete three calls with your health coach, you could be eligible for $0 copays until the end of the program year for certain medications prescribed to treat the condition being managed.

For all other conditions, when you complete three calls you could receive a $50 check just for participating. You may participate in as many wellness programs as you like, but are eligible to earn only one incentive per employee and one per covered spouse or domestic partner, each year.

The $50 check is a taxable incentive of around $75 depending on the state in which you reside. Estimated state (if any) and federal taxes of around $25 have been withheld and paid by the Trust, resulting in your net check of $50. You will receive a W2 from the Trust after year-end.

Your Privacy Matters

This program is offered to you and paid in full by the Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust. It is provided by Premera Blue Cross, and is voluntary and is at no cost to you. Any information you share is completely confidential, protected by federal law, and cannot be shared with your union or your employer without your permission.


Kaiser Permanente offers several no-cost, six-week workshops to help you learn how to manage your chronic conditions, pain or diabetes and improve your quality of life. You can attend in-person group sessions or participate in the online workshops, called Better Choices, Better Health®.

The “Living Well with Chronic Conditions” Workshops help people learn how to manage their chronic conditions and improve their quality of life. Trained volunteer leaders, many of whom also have chronic health conditions, will help you set your own goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve your health and your life. Workshops are for all ages and are free of charge. In-person, group sessions are offered at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center locations in Western Washington.

Click here for more information to see the in-person workshop locations, or visit the “For Members” section at, and select “Classes & Events” to learn more about specific classes and enroll.