Time Loss Benefits

Time Loss Benefits Offered by the Trust

If you are disabled due to a non-work related injury or illness and cannot work, you may be eligible for weekly time loss (or short-term) disability benefits ranging from $100 to $500 per week (less Social Security taxes) depending on your plan. There is a maximum benefit of 26 times the weekly amount.

Only participants whose bargaining unit has negotiated these benefits have coverage. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement or log in to to see if you have Time Loss benefits and to see the details of your plan.

To qualify for Time Loss payments you must:

  • Become disabled in a month for which you have eligibility based on an employer contribution for this coverage or,
  • You have returned to covered work, for which you have eligibility based on a disability waiver of contributions due to a prior disability, and
  • Be unable to perform the normal duties of your occupation because of a disability due to a covered accidental injury or sickness (including pregnancy and its complications), and
  • Be under a physician’s regular care for the covered accidental injury or sickness, and
  • Not engage in any occupation for wage or profit, though some exceptions may apply.

Your benefit is payable starting the first day for disabilities resulting from an accidental injury or medically necessary surgery or the eighth day for disabilities due to an illness, but will not begin before your first physician’s visit. Written certification of your disability and beginning date is required, along with an application. An application form may be obtained by contacting the Trust Office at (800) 458-3053, or online at

Unless you’re under a physician’s care, you will not be considered disabled; your first day of disability for purposes of the accidental injury or sickness disability qualification period will not be before the date you first visit the physician.

Log in to the NWA Admin secure site to download your benefit booklet for more information.