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Trust Medical Plan
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MedImpact administers your prescription drug program and provides a nationwide network of pharmacies.

A list of the network pharmacies and the Mail Order pharmacy is available through the MedImpact website. Click “Pharmacy Locator” and sign in using your Member number to search for pharmacies that participate in the network that serves your pharmacy benefit plan. If you do not want to sign in click the “General Pharmacy Locator” within the “Pharmacy Locator” tab.

You may also call the Pharmacy Helpdesk at (800) 788-2949 for more information.


Kaiser Permanente (formerly Group Health) Medical Centers has 21 pharmacies in Western Washington, four pharmacies in Spokane, and a mail-order service.

Visit the Kaiser Permanente Provider Directory to find a pharmacy near you, or call (888) 901-4636.