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Even if your in-network Cigna healthcare provider prescribes or provides you with medical equipment, services or supplies, this does not guarantee that your Medical Plan will 
cover them. All equipment, services and supplies must be deemed medically necessary by the Plan and may require pre-certification.

Your provider should initiate pre-certification by contacting Cigna’s designated vendor, CareCentrix, at (877) 466-0164 before purchasing equipment.

Once pre-certification has been granted, CareCentrix will coordinate 
the purchase of the equipment and have it mailed to you or advise you where you may purchase 
it. If you have been prescribed equipment or a supply that CareCentrix does not pre-certify or provide, CareCentrix will direct your healthcare provider to the appropriate pre-certification contact and/or supplier.


Kaiser Permanente offers in-network services when using a Kaiser Permanente facility. Visit the Kaiser Permanente Provider Directory and under the “Facility Type” drop down menu select “Durable Medical Equipment.”